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Support for Staff


Our representation system is made up of hundreds of student volunteers, who choose to represent other students within their programme of study. In return volunteers are provided with the training and support needed to perform their roles. All volunteers are awarded for their time and commitment to the role through our Kickstart scheme. The policy states University Faculty staff have responsibility for:
  • Recruitment and elections of programme level Representatives
  • Forwarding the contact details for Representatives to the Students’ Union Student Voice Team
  • Holding Student Staff Liaison Committees (Min 1 per semester)
  • Ensuring that policy is adhered to at a Programme/Faculty level
The Student Representation system is underpinned by a comprehensive policy, which is reviewed annually by both the University and the Students’ Union. To view the policy follow this link: Policy for Student Representation Revised 2017 (pdf. 311 KB).
Recruitment of Reps
All elections of Student Representatives are to begin from Week 2 of the academic year and will need to be completed by the end of Week 4. The names of all representatives need to be provided to the Student Voice Team by the end of week 5 , email    Furthermore, to support rep recruitment, departments can book the UBU Education Officer and/or  a member the  Voice Team to deliver a presentation during induction/the first few weeks. 
Student Staff Liaison Committees
Requirements for running all SSLCs are provided in the Policy for Student Representation.  All SSLCs must use the standardised terms of reference and membership, agendas, minutes recording and actions sheet. These are all included in the policy and are available here : SSLC Terms of Reference, Agendas, and Action Sheet
Training is offered on best practice in working with the rep system and is provided by the Students’ Union Student Voice Team.  The details of all elected representatives can be forwarded to our team via an email to