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Trustee Board


The Trustee Board exists because UBU is a Registered Charity. They help to protect us by ensuring that our decisions are legal and will not send us into financial insolvency. This Trustee governance role is common to most Charity structures and supports the day-to-day student-led running of UBU.
Additionally, the Board includes a very strong student voice: it includes the elected Sabbatical Officers, the Chair of Council, (all elected campus-wide), two more Student Trustees (self-nominated and elected at Council), and External Trustees who are sought out and invited based on useful experience; for example at the time of writing we have a former professor, a former Sabbatical now working in the Charity sector, an accountant, and a solicitor.
As a Charity, we also have a Board of Trustees. This includes two Student Trustees, four elected student Sabbatical Officers (who are automatically Trustees), and a group of External Trustees, recruited for their expertise in a range of areas. The Trustees support the student leaders and ensure that UBU meets its legal and financial requirements. They do not interfere in the normal policy-making activities of UBU Council. We are governed by a Constitution which sets out the mission and procedures for our organisation. That, and other related governing documents are provided below.
Trustee Board Minutes (2017-18)
We aim to make minutes available in a timely fashion but they are draft until approved at the following meeting.
Trustee Board Minutes (2016-17)