Have you ever thought about marketing to University of Bradford students?

Students are estimated by NUS Services Ltd to spend over £13 billion a year, making them a key market for consumer brands. With a combined spending power of more than £10billion and an average student spending over £5,000 each year, the student market can be a highly lucrative one. Students are certainly the most profitable group of 18- to 24-year olds.

You can reach 9,000 students at the University of Bradford by marketing with us, from our freshers' fayre in September through to our huge Party On The Amp in May, via our many markets, newspaper, wallplanner, website and e-mails, plus on-site stalls. We have opportunities for every budget so there will be something for you here at UBU!

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Freshers Fayre Wednesday 18th September 2019

PACKAGE 1 – Promote you brand: Attend Freshers and Promote your brand.  £50.00 + VAT

PACKAGE 2 – Market Stall: Host a market stall at our fayre to sell item/products/food to students. £250.00 + VAT


Advertise to Freshers

UBU Wall planner (only 4 spaces available)

All the key dates and contacts in one place 2500 printed • A1 size (landscape) • Given out to all student halls Size. £250.00 + VAT

A5 Leaflet in Student Bags (2500) £250.00+ VAT


Freshers Week Sponsorship 14th – 20th September 2019

• Premium stall at Freshers fair (up to 3 stall in all major locations of our Fayre) on Wednesday 18th September

• 1 Years website banner on Bradford SU website

• 2 students emails (one per term)

 • Organisation Logo will appear on all publicity for the fair including posters, website, plasma screens  

£1000 + VAT Closing date: 31st August 2018


Advertising Opportunities across the Year

Email to All Student Via UBU Contact List

Digital Marketing emails 9,000 subscribers.  £550 per email

Plasma screens advertising. Get your graphic displayed on our huge 90-inch plasma screen in Student Central in the middle of our buzzing Students’ Union floor. £100

Weekly Market Stall - A fantastic opportunity for local companies to reach out to our students for a discounted rate in Student Central from September 23rd – 6th December 2019, and January 27th  – 27 March 2020. £50 + VAT Per Week. Book 5 weeks for £200

Poster Campaign with UBU – Price per discussion

To find out more all you need to do is take a look over the details below and e-mail for more information