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Welcome to the PEACE SOCIETY!


"Bring people together
Work towards peace"


Established in October, 2014 by a group of peace study students, the PEACE SOCIETY brings passionate students together with practitioners and academics in the peace fields to a create space to meet, integrate and enjoy their university experience together. As a departmental society, we seek to empower both graduate and undergraduate students across all stages to become more engaged in their studies and with their fellow students.


Peace is a calling, and it relies on the initiative of those willing to pursue it. As such, the PEACE SOCIETY serves as a vehicle for students to further their education, get to know each other and explore professional opportunities to work towards peace. The PEACE SOCIETY invites students to pursue their interests through a wide range of supported programming such as formal academic panels of experts in the field, roundtable forums and discussions, film screenings, practical workshops, networking events, social gatherings, protests on important issues and fundraising activities. We even have our own football team who defends peace agaist London's MA war programme at the Tolstoy Cup every year. 

Throughout the last years with full support of the Peace Division, the society has established excellent connections with the Peace Studies administration, international organisations and local community groups.


This year the Peace Society is organised in internal groups of members with similar intersts who are oragnising events and activities around it. Our current activity groups are Art and Peace, Clean our Streets, (Cultural exchange with Chinese Society), Debating, Environment and Climate Justice, Football Team, (Mindfulness and Inner Peace), Peace Education, (Refugee Action) and Sport Development and Peace.


Join us and become a member of the PEACE SOCIETY to exchange and expand your knowledge, ideas and experiences around peace. Get actively involved and create activities together to inspire others.


Facebook: UBradfordU Peace Society

Instagram: bradford_peacesociety


Membership fee:

University of Bradford students: £3

Life and associated members: £4

(alumni can register with UBU as life members, public has to apply to be an associated member of UBU)


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Meetings: regulary on Wednesday at 4.30pm biweekly (most of the times) > due to the covid-19 situation the meetings are pause until further notice.


2019-20 Executive team



(From left to right: Samken, Ray, Sofia, Ariane, Jack and Haroon)


President: Ariane Leeven


Hi, I am Ariane, a MA peace student and the current president of the PEACE SOCIETY. I am really passionate about peace, the environment and gender topics and the PEACE SOCIETY is one of my ways of contributing. My last year engagement in creating activities, bringing in my own ideas and the exchange with others were a great experience. As the president I hope to engage others to do the same and to make the society a space were people feel welcome and happy to develop their own 'peace-skills' and share their passions.


Vice-president: Haroon Khalid


Hello, I’m Haroon Khalid a first-year undergraduate studying ‘International Relations, Politics and Security Studies’. I’m also the Peace Societies’ Vice-President! Full of determination to do my part, I joined the Peace Society, and I will do my best to make the Peace Society a place all are welcome; where we can all collaborate to create our collective vision of peace together!



Secretary: Nabila Auliani Ruray


Hi, my name is Ray. I am participating as a secretary in the Peace Society because I want to gain more experiences outside classrooms while pursuing a master degree in Peace, Resilience, and Social Justice. The issues that drive me are gender, art, peacebuilding, and climate justice. As a group, we are crafting Peace Society as our playground, safe space, laboratory, home, and everything in between.



Teasurer: Jack Roberts


Hey, my name is Jack. I’m your treasurer this year and currently studying my MA in Peace, Conflict and Development. I’m very passionate about providing the opportunity for any member of this group to pursue their interests in the realm of peace. I want members of this society to be able to engage in all the different dimensions of peace so that they go pursue interests beyond and alongside their academic pursuits. In my role I want to give as much support as I can to all involved so that we can collaborate and create a new vision of what peace can be.



Media Officer: Sofia Allegro


Hi, my name is Sofia. I am your Media Officer. I am very passionate for all dimensions of peace whether is academic or artistic or personal and I wanted to join the peace society for this very reason. Being able to be in a group of people with whom you can share your opinions and passions to make this world a better place. I chose to become the media officer as what’s the best way to contribute to this wonderful team if not to share their inspiring thoughts and events.



Football captain: Samken Kabinga (former executive 10/19 - 03/20)



Campaigns: #ThisIsPeacebuilding


Social: once a month


Student Liaison Assistant: Sanna Tukiainen




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