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Basketball (Women's)

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Basketball is what we love and what brings us together. We are Bradford Heat, and we are here to take the season by the storm.


We are a competitive team that participates in games against other Universities all over England and also takes part in annual tournaments. We train twice a week and look to grow as individual players as well as a team. The only way to achieve success is through determination, sweat and of course, buckets.


Additionally, to our practices we organize various types of social events. Through our passion for basketball we have formed a bond and become good friends. We share laughs, experiences and create memories through activities such as dinners, parties or even outings to the arcade. Through everything we are a team.


Last year was definitely a great journey! We recruited a lot of new members from different levels, and learned how to bring out the best of each other’s skills. As a results of our hard work we ended the year as a stronger team than when we started, something we aim to reproduce each year.This year we have recruited member sform an arrray of courses, cultures an dexperience in basketball, but the passion an dlove for the sport is what makes us a team. Because of this we have won our first two games, and hope to stay on this road to successfulness!


If you too have a love basketball, or even a desire to try this great new sport join our team!

Training: Tuesday 5.00-6.30 and Sunday 5.00-7.00 at Unique gym



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