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Swimming only subscription at Unique gym

by OLUWADAMILOLA AGBABIAKA 05 September 2019, 14:00

Category: Students' Union Petition


There should be a subscription option at Unique gym for students and staff who are only interested in the swimming pool. Many students already have access to a dry gym at their hall of residence. Others simply want swimming and nothing else. Having this option would save students and staff time and money, and would help to build up a swimming community. This community could then get involved in improving the swimming capabilities and events. The gym has recently been upgraded but swimming is being neglected.


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    MIHAELA PENCHEVA   wrote, 13-10-2019 - 00:05

    I absolutely agree! I had to pay for a subscription which involves using the gym as well as the pool even though i am only interested in the pool..and i already have substation for different gym. It just makes no sense!

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    Oluwadamilola Koya   wrote, 20-04-2021 - 23:28

    Some of us just want to use the swimming pool. Can we get a pool only subscription please?

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