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Petition: The impact of the strike

by Kieran Turner 25 February 2020, 09:50

Category: Students' Union Petition

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The University of Bradford needs to do better to protect students from the effects of the staff strike.

The students – their customers – demand they address the following points:

  • Financial compensation
    • We are paying large fees, often getting in to debt, and it is unacceptable to miss out on many hours of taught sessions and teaching materials.
    • The University could easily have predicted absences based on the previous strike.
    • The University should have made robust contingency plans.
    • Calculated based on numbers of lectures, tutorials, labs, and clinical sessions lost, each UK student could be entitled to a refund of £1520. And international students pay much more.
  • Protection of exam results
    • Exams must not cover material that has not been taught.
    • Students must be informed about when they will be given missed assessments.
    • Information must be provided on when missed material will be taught.
    • Slides from missed lectures should be made available – with appropriate contextual explanation – immediately.
  • Professional standards guarantee
    • The University should at once reassure students that all qualifications obtained from Bradford will continue to meet Professional standards, and clinical qualifications will not miss any key elements.


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    Kieran Turner   wrote, 25-02-2020 - 09:56

    This issue will also be on the agenda for discussion at the UBU Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 5th March, at 6:00 p.m. in Horton Barn. All students are welcome to come and discuss this, and we hope to have representatives of the University to answer your questions.

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    AMRAH SHABIR   wrote, 25-02-2020 - 14:52

    Please come join us on Thursday 5th March, it’s important we are all there to discuss this. Strength in numbers.

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