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by UMAR ALI 06 November 2019, 16:09

Category: Students' Union Petition

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  • The SU website is not fit for purpose
  • We believe all societies should have editorial control of their means of communication to allow for their progression 
  • By having a website, we will be able to collate all information in a central place, ensuring its accuracy 
  • It is important for our current and future members to understand our identity, so we will implement a timeline feature to enable the committee and members to see what the ISOC has on offer and what the following years will have in-store


Dear Student, 

The ISOC is the largest society on campus, and as a result, has the largest reach. Over the years, the society has been struggling to centralise information as well as keep records of activity from previous years. In addition, we have been unable to keep members fully engaged via the Union-provided website, due to a sub-par user interfaces, as well as no facility to archive previous events. We want the SU to allow societies the option to have their own websites.

First, there are a number of restrictions on the Student Union website which hugely limit what a society is able to share. The ISOC and other societies have no direct control of their page on the SU website; Instead we have to inform the SU of any updates we want to make. This process is incredibly slow and renders promotion in this way useless. Having direct control in making changes and announcements in good time would improve the number of people attending our events and allow us to grow the society. This is in the best interests of not only our members, but the entire student body, because we will have a more active and participating community. 

The website is also limited in its appearance and has no active functionality. Our members have told us they find it incredibly painful and difficult to use and access information. We believe that this is a problem that most students have. It has come to a point where we no longer have use for the SU page and prefer to use other methods to promote our events. This is not right. We deserve to have a place to promote the society and its interests in the best way we can. Where members can comfortably access the information they need, with no fragmentation. The SU website can not provide us with this.

We believe there are numerous benefits to having our own website. Firstly, we can add features to enhance the student experience that the SU website simply can not do. For example, adding a freshers page to inform new students about the society and university experience, a direct contact form to receive feedback from members and also a live calendar to show upcoming events. We also want to introduce an archive, allowing us to have some record of the ISOCs affairs for future students to look back on, as well as providing a platform for our members to share their thoughts on issues affecting the muslim community on campus and beyond. We want this website to be a central information page for ISOC without the limitations the SU website places on us. The SU is restricting the growth of the society. We have so much potential to grow bigger and make a real impact at university and in the wider community. We need this website to empower our members and to increase the credibility of our society in the Bradford area.

The ISOC is calling on all students and other societies to join our campaign to allow us to have our own websites. Please sign this petition to enable all societies to push boundaries and have the freedom to run their society how they want and in the interests of their members. 

Thank you

Bradford Islamic Society


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    STEPHEN HALL   wrote, 14-01-2020 - 16:27

    For the Union to administrate that many website, it'd be a tough job. At the moment we have 61 societies, not including the sports clubs. If they all need a website, then someone will need to administrate each of the website. It's a lot of work, most societies have a way to pass on information such as google drive, or drop box. If anything you should be pushing the union to have a central hub of information so that you can pass on everything to next year's execs. This could be done by having the union get Google Drive for Education. However it's also a lot of work. The website currently does what it needs to do. The website it mainly just a way for people to recognise who you are, what you do and to join your societies. Your social media pages should fill in the rest. Such as a facebook group or page that you can have for your public image with a link to it from your student union website. The website editorial tools are easy enough to use, the only way they could make it easier is by implementing a Wix type system where you drag and drop things into a live webpage. If you want a webpage just use your private account funds. You can ask the union for money to fund your webpage, which they will more than likely do if you word it right. However, not every society needs a fully working website. Take for example, Pisoc; they have a functioning website which is external to the Student Union which is hosted on one of our servers which a member of PiSoc owns himself. But a small society such as E-Sports has no need of it. All in all, use your social media pages to broadcast what you're doing on a weekly bases, what events you have etc. If you wish to advertise your events, student voice do a weekly email to every student on campus which you can ask for a section to advertise your events. If you want a way to pass information on to the next year's executive team, either have a google drive linked to the society email, or push for a Google Drive for student type membership for all societies, as that would be a much better system, rather than your website proposal.

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