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A Starting Printing Credit

by SHANNON EASTON 17 October 2019, 13:07

Category: Students' Union Petition

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Me as a film student needing to print out multiple copies of scripts would end up being a costly activity. With any and every course I can imagine that students would need to print out things regularly. 3p per page (for a black and white, single sided) might not sound like a lot but having to print out essays and research materials can add up over time.

In case you don't know already these are the costs for printing:

- Black and white, single sided: 3p
- Black and white, double sided: 5p each sheet
- Colour, single sided: 7p
- Colour, double sided: 13p each sheet

- Black and white, single sided: 8p
- Black and white, double sided: 14p each sheet
- Colour, single sided: 15p
- Colour, double sided: 28p each sheet

I believe that having a starting printing credit given to us by the University each year, for example £5-£10, would be a good and fair solution to get students started. Then, if a student needs more credit they can top it up themselves.

I need a minimum of 100 signatures for this to be brought up with the council, if you feel this is something you would want to happen then please sign it and make a change.