Page:Process for setting up a new sports club
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Start something new


First step
Come up with your idea and have a document ready. Think about the following;
  • Do you want to have an external coach
  • What facilities you would need
  • How much money you need for set-up costs such as equipment
  • Do you want to compete locally or in BUCS
Ask for a meeting with UBU Sports staff by contacting the Sports and Wellbeing Officer or the Sports Coordinator. Use this meeting to discuss your idea and UBU will advise which of the following routes is best for you. Both routes have a trial period and also go to the student Committees for approval.
Route 1
You set up as an Activity Group for the first academic year and can change into a Sports Club for the following year if you have met the requirements. The explanation process and application form for new Activity Groups can be found here: If approved, your group would start a 6 week trial period to gain enough members and hold an exec election. After passing this the trial period, you can apply to the Sports Committee and UBU to transfer from a Group to a Sports Club for the following academic year. You would need to prove you have the numbers interested in playing the sport, and if you want to complete in BUCS or have external coaching. If you don't need to transfer to a Sports Club, you would remain as an Activity Group.
Route 2
You would be asked to fill in club forms that would go to a UBU Sports meeting for consideration for finances, competitions, coaches etc and how feasible it is. UBU Sports will make a recommendation whether to approve or not, and this will go the Sports Committee for the final vote. If approved, you will be set a trial period ranging from 6 weeks to the academic year with set requirements to achieve. Your club will be reviewed at the end of trial period to see if you have shown there is an interest from the student body for your club.