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Start something new


Here's how you start a new student led group at UBU. It could be:

  • to bring students together for a hobby 
  • to bring students together from the same heritage or celebrate a culture 
  • to raise awareness for causes and campaigns  
  • to form a student association for your course or academic interest 
  • to set up a sports club, please look here for the process 

You cannot set up a new group that duplicates the aims or objectives of an existing Activity Group or will break the UBU Code of Conduct. 

How to start a new Activity Group

  1. Check your idea for a group does not duplicate and current exciting activity group or sports club at UBU
  2. Decide if you want to set up a full Activity Group or a Microsociety. It would depend on what you want to do and the difference is explained here: Microsocieties
  3. Fill in the application form below is where you explain:
    1. The interim execs who will run the group until it has enough members to choose its own exec team
    2. Explain your long term aim and short term objectives
    3. Outline your plans for the first year if you are approved
    4. Detail any financial expenses required to start up
    5. Explain links to any other external individual or organisation
  4. Please give as much detail as possible on the form and it will be shown to the student led Committee and Assemblies who will approve or decline your application based only on the information you provide on the form. 
  5. This application form goes to the student Activities Committee for initial discussion. They will vote to recommend your application to Assembly for final apprval or to reject your application. You can contact them on
  6. Assembly will look at your application if the Committee decide to take it to their meeting for consideration. If approved by Assembly, you will start a 6 week trial where you need to meet the requirements in the UBU by law:
    1. Gain the minimum number of paid members
    2. Confirm the exec team by holding an election
    3. Complete the required exec training 
  7. At the end of the trial period, the Activities Committee will review your group and decide if you've passed, need an extension or be dissolved (shut down). If your group passes, it becomes a registered Activity Group with UBU.