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Council is the heart of our student-led representation & campaigning work.
Submit an idea to Council
Students put ideas to Council through "motions". To ensure motions are achievable and okay with Charity laws, Council Advisory Committee gives feedback to help make them achievable. Then your motion goes to Council to be debated and voted on. The deadline for submission is a week before each meeting, but to avoid rejection by the Advisory Committee, we urge you to get in touch before that so we have time help you as described above. Motions must have a proposer and seconder, and fifteen "assenters", who are UBU students who want the motion to be discussed, but need not neccessarily agree with the content.
PROVISIONAL Council timetable for 2020/21
Obviously all rather disrupted due to lockdown, we will be publishing dates once they have been finalised. Meetings will be online in the first instance, and we will make special arrangements for any non-members wishing to observe (so please ask).
Council meeting documents
UBU members are welcome to consult the minutes of previous Council meetings. Please email to request these. We plan to make them all available directly online in the future, following our forthcoming website revamp. For now, they are available through Sharepoint for all Council members.