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Networks form the backbone of our liberation campaign efforts — and they are also a fantastic opportunity for meeting like-minded, active campaigners from across the University, who you might never have found through your course. 
Current Campaigns
At UBU we are passionate about generating change through campaigning. We help students create and run campaigns on a local, national and international level! As a Students' Union we are here to support you through the entire process. If you want to get involved with one of our campaigns, or to start your own, please us to discuss it and find out more.
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Join our campaign and support us in spreading the word that Sexual Harassment is #NEVEROK



The Union and the University are partnering up to kick out stigma around mental health all across the University by joining the Time to Change Pledge.



Reclaim The Night is an international campaign that aims to combat violence against women. We join millions across the globe who mark the annual United Nations Day to End Violence Against Women.