Who leads us

UBU is led by students, for students.

Our team of student leaders represent the views and interests of students to the Union's staff and the University management, and ensure that student voices are heard on both a local and a national scale.

The entire student body is able to join in activities that direct how the Union is run. This can be through running for election as one of our senior officer team, or as a member of our Council; getting involved in a campaign; volunteering to represent students on your academic programme; perhaps attending our termly General Meetings; or simply visiting this website to have your say through petitions and polls.

Our elected team comprises:

Sabbatical Officers (full-time, paid, non-voting at Council)

  • Student Affairs
  • Education
  • Community & Activities
  • Sports & Wellbeing

Non-sabbatical Officers (volunteers, voting at Council)

  • Women's Officer
  • BME Officer
  • LGBT+ Officer
  • Officer for students with disabilities
  • Inclusion Officer
  • International Officer
  • Postgraduate Officer
  • Environment & Ethics Officer
  • RAG Officer

Other Council members (all volunteers):

  • 9 Lay Members (ex-portfolio, voting at Council)
  • Up to 3 Representatives (voting) from each of:
    • UBU Academic Representation (Faculty Representatives)
    • UBU Activities
    • UBU Sports

And also in attendance to follow Council business may be our two elected delegates for the National Union of Students (NUS) Conference which happens each spring.

Find out more about any current election opportunities! (Usually Sept/Oct, & Feb/Mar.)