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Faiz Ilyas

Faiz - Square

Phone: 01274 (23) 3256   

Sham Khan

Sham Square
Phone: 01274 233253

UBU Council & Democratically elected leaders

UBU is the University of Bradford's Students' Union — the organisation that represents & supports students. It's a student-led organisation, with a leadership team elected annually from the student body. Every student has a stake in the Students' Union, and we welcome you to get involved in our decision-making process, and to be part of the services and opportunities we provide!

These are campaigning roles as well as being representative. Some of them are in our Council, some look after clubs and societies, and some are academically-focused at course or faculty level, known as "student representatives".

Our official mission is to:

  • inspire and nurture each student
  • maximise their potential
  • enrich their journey
  • sustain our future

And our official objectives, as a charity, are the advancement of education of students at the University, for the public benefit, by:

  • promoting the general interests and welfare of students during their course of study at the University
  • being a recognised and representative channel of communication between students, the University and other bodies
  • providing for the cultural, recreational, sporting, and social development of students
  • providing such facilities as are appropriate and desirable to achieve the above.