What are motions?

At almost every Union Council meeting, and at many General Meetings, motions are proposed as a way of directing the attention of the Union as a whole.

Motions are a way to change something you perceive as needing improvement. Examples of past motions can be seen below.


29th September 18:00pm. Richmond D2

Claim Your Societies Space

18th October 18:00pm. Open Council – Union Mall

17th November 18:00pm Richmond D2

Blinds In the Library

8th December 18:00pm. Open Council – Union Mall


Semester 2


26th January 18:00pm. Richmond D2

13th February 18:00pm. Bradford Council Chambers

23rd March 18:00pm. Open Council – Union Mall

27th April 18:00pm Richmond D2

2nd May 18:00pm Richmond D2.