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First LEGO League Volunteer


FIRST LEGO League (FFL) brings together engineering, programming and soft skills for children aged 9-16 in a fun and engaging international tournament.

Bradford hosts the regional championships and sees around 250 young people from 25 different schools on campus competing. 

The young people are judged on 3 areas:


Competition Table


Core Values


Challenge Presentation


Competition Table - Each year FIRST & Lego develop 10 new challenges for the young people to program their robot to complete. From flushing a lego made toilet to saving a lego man from a burning house the challenges are always fun and engaging.

Core Values - Throughout the competition day the core values judges will be looking at how the young people work together and with those they are competing against. They will also have to complete a challenge that has nothing to do with Lego or robots.

Challenge Presentation - Each year there is a problem that the challenges focus on. It could be space travel, natural disasters or recycling and the young people must develop a solution which they will spend 5 minutes presenting to the challenge judges.

Some schools require assistance in the build up to the competition supporting the young people in their building and programming. This opportunity will partner you with a team that you will see from start to finish of the competition. You will visit them each week and assist them in the building and programming. 

This opportuity is suitable for groups.


Training: There will be programming training and Lego build training available to anyone who wishes to sign up to this opportunity. No previous kowledge necessary

DBS Check? Yes.


Level 1: Assist at a weekly STEM Club helping the children to build and programme their robot and then support staff on the day.

Level 2: Run a weekly STEM Club getting the team competition ready and support staff on the day of the competition.

Level 3: Run a weekly STEM Club and assist in training new volunteers. Judge an area on the day