Submission form


Every volunteer of UBU will recieve a link to an online OneDrive folder for each role you are engaged with. For Levels 1 and 2, you would complete the spreadsheet form within the folder.

The form has three sections.


Please provide a breakdown of your hours and the tasks you completed


List all the UBU provided training you have engaged with and we'll check our registers. Some of the training you've completed will already be noted on the form.


The University has a list of 12 skills that forms part of their Careers advice and HEAR scheme. You should identify the skill/s you've used and developed during your volunteer role and use S.T.A.R. to complete this section (situation, task, action and result)


For Level 3, you would create a document of your own that covers your academic year and the impact you've had on your fellow students, students union or university or the wider community. This could be in any format you like; a Word document, Powerpoint, video, podcast etc