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Governance info

UBU is proud to be led by its student membership.

The top elected body is UBU Council where the Council members discuss and vote to direct our policy and activity. All students may attend these meetings, and groups of students can propose motions — see the Council page for more details.

In addition there are regular General Meetings where all students may join the debate and vote on motions sent up for wider discussion by the Council. (It's also where students can directly question the Council.)

As a Charity, we also have a Board of Trustees. This includes two Student Trustees, four elected student Sabbatical Officers (who are automatically Trustees), and a group of External Trustees, recruited for their expertise in a range of areas. The Trustees support the student leaders and ensure that UBU meets its legal and financial requirements. They do not interfere in the normal policy-making activities of UBU Council.

We are governed by a Constitution which sets out the mission and procedures for our organisation. That, and other related governing documents are provided below.


This is the supreme governing document of UBU. It includes our Mission Statement. It was written at UBU, agreed as part of our relationship with the University, and lodged with the Charity Commission.

Download the Constitution


These are subsidiary to the Constitution, providing finer detail for how things are done.

Please get in touch to see the latest versions. We are currently updating them.

UBU Council By-laws

UBU Areas By-Laws

UBU Elections By-Laws

UBU Rag Committee By-Laws

UBU Trustee Board By-Laws

UBU General Meeting By-Laws

Code of Conduct (for individuals)

Download the Code of Conduct

Code of Practice (for UBU)

Download the Code of Practice

Complaints Procedure (within UBU)

These are only for complaints about the Student Union, not the University itself.

Download Complaints Procedure guidance

Download Complaints Form

If you are looking for the University's Complaints Procedure, that's here.