The U Project is an outstanding scheme created by students from the Faculty of Social Sciences through Choices 4 All. The U projects objective is Child empowerment. The students were inspired to take action after a local child took his own life after being bullied at School. There is a dedicated team of  students that have devised a program that will not only educate children in regards to bullying, it will also empower them to take a stand and make a difference. The school which they have partnered to deliver the program with is All Saints' Church of England Primary School on Little Horton Green.

The project seeks to create awareness around topics such as bullying, Independence and being aware of others the aim is through guidance the children will grow in confidence to support themselves and peers when bullying occurs. The Social Sciences students have also teamed up with students from the School of informatics to enable the children to learn some key skills such as using a camera and film making, using creativity to get their message

Ultimately the key aim of the U Project is to educate children in regards to bullying, but also empower and raise aspirations. The commitment that the students have made goes  to the wider Choices 4 All initiative demonstrates a wholehearted contribution to the University's Excellence, Sustainability, Equality and Diversity objectives. This contribution has been sustained through some of the team's involvement in the steering committee and leading other projects: the programme developed by the students is excellent in everything it stands for, making a genuine difference to the lives of individuals and their families, by maximizing opportunities and being positive role models.

Michael Crawshaw said: “We have lots of children with special educational needs, and are looking to develop a relationship with the university. This project is fantastic, and it is great for the school to get involved and develop those links.”

Teacher All Saints Primary School