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Sports and Activities Execs

There are loads of different ways to get involved in our sport clubs and activity groups by becoming part of the executive team that leads it for the academic year. Being an executive means you're eligible for a UBU award and can achieve level 1, 2 or 3 during your year. UBU provides all the training and support to enable you to run your group for members whilst learning skills that employers are looking for, such as leadership, problem solving and team work. 

Here are the ways you can become an exec:


Standing in their elections 

October elections

Any club or group that has vacancies in their exec team will be putting these positions up for election in October. Only members of that sport club or activity group can become an exec, so the first step is finding one that you'd like to be part of and join it on our website.

To see what positions are up for election, log in to our website and go to your account/profile. On the left will be 'my nominations'. Here is our elections portal, where you can see all the executive positions available to you and find out more information about the role. 

To become a candidate in the election you need to submit a photo of your and a manifesto (max 250 words) on why you should be elected by fellow members of that club or group via the nomination portal. If the portal doesn't work for you, email the group, position, photo and manifesto to Here's the dates:

  • Nominations open on 7th October 
  • Nominations close on 20th October
  • Voting is open 23rd and 24th October 
  • Results will be sent out on the 25th October

Semester 2 elections

In March/April time each academic year, our sport clubs and activity groups hold elections to choose their exec team for the following academic year. 



Microsocieties are perfect for individuals or small groups of students who want to come together and run a campaign or fundraise for a specific charity. These are short-term groups in the students union, who recieve limited funding of £50 to get started and can hold a few events or regular sessions during the year. 

You can apply to set up an microsociety by submitting an application form which is on our website here.

More information on the difference between microsocieties and full registered groups can be found here


Set up your own

If you can't find an Activity Group or Sports Club for your hobby interest, you can apply to UBU to set up your own. You'd need at least 3 current students to form an interim (volunteer) exec team, think about your aims and objectives for your group and a year plan if you would be approved. 

The set up form is here


Bring back a dormant group

You can find out what dormant groups currently exist at UBU on this page. These groups have existed at UBU in the past 2 academic years, and some may have some funds left from previous years.  

To bring it back, fill out the application form here