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Page:Freshers and Give it a Go info

Freshers and Give it a Go info

Promo videos

UBU is asking every activity group and sports club to create a promotion video. Include following:

  • Your Sport/Activity Logo and UBU logo at the start and end of the video
  • Stills or video of your sports team/activity group in action
  • Conversation with members/teamplayers. Ideally speaking to camera. This could be about the sport/activity itself, or the social aspect. Eg. “Hi, my name’s Hannah. I’m part of the netball team and I love how I get to do a thing that I love while meeting new people”
  • Music track (copyright free ideally) – UBU can do this if you are unsure.

Send creations to Conor MacMahon with the files you used to create it by 16th September


For help creating videos, you need to request it from Conor by 31st August


Induction/Freshers week

  • 28th September until 4th October
  • Most university inductions are organised to take place online

You are welcome to organise your own online and socially distanced events to take place during this week. Submit the events form following the normal procedure.


Virtual Freshers Fayre


Wednesday  30th September 11:00 - 16:00 


Each group and club to hold a series of zoom calls across the day which UBU will promote directly to students. Students will be directed to go to our special freshers fayre site, where across the days clubs and activity groups will use Zoom to host sessions introducing their groups.  The Union will advertise the sessions, and host links to these, incentivising students to visits different stall using freebies and special offers. We would like all of our groups to be able to aim to deliver three fifteen minute sessions for students to join each hour between the times of 11am – 4pm during the day.


To help us begin the process of scheduling our fayre please can we ask that your provide your availability for this day. Please complete the following form with your availability by 5pm Friday 18th September - https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=0aJeJGVDJkeAWmMeuT2Tqsox3-GaZ4pDp9BERdQcXohURVE4U1RTQ0w5Q0IzTEpTRkVCRldDQlBTMy4u


You need to come up with an interesting and interactive session you can run a couple of times over that includes;

  • Introduces your sports club/activity group
  • Introduces your execs
  • Promote what you do and why people should join
  • Mention the next event or give it a go session people can come along to


Give it a Go

  • This runs for two weeks. 5th October until 18th October
  • All regular sessions (sport training and campus bookings) start from 5th October
  • UBU will have a section on our website to promote give it a go

Physical sessions

You need to come up with a way to run a give it a go session that fits the capacity of the rooms. The university has stated for the sports hall capacity is reduced to 30, so all capacities are reduced. You also need to accommodate for returning members.

Think about;

  • A booking system for GIAG to manage numbers
  • Do you have enough execs to maintain capacity of the rooms or do you need staff support
  • Splitting sessions for new and returning members


Online sessions

The challenge is making these fun and engaging but you may need to offer an incentive for people to show up. The invite links need to be set up and sent out in advance.

Maybe an online session can run simultaneously to a physical session so you can reaching those who don't feel comfortable coming onto campus yet.


Booking them in

Fill out the events forms and send them to ubuevents@bradford.ac.uk as per the normal process




  1. What capacity is our usual room now, and can I change it to a larger space?

UBU is still waiting for confirmation from the university on what room capacities will be. The number given for all spaces for now is 3o.

When planning, assume they are at 25% to 30% compared to last year. So a 15 person seminar room is likely to now be 5 people.  

UBU will try to offer a list of alternative places if your space cannot accommodate or let us know if you need additional bookings.


  1. What is the expected turn out for a physical fayre?

UBU will have to manage the capacities of rooms and will probably run an advance booking system to spread people out across the day. We estimate 500 students would be able to attend, but unsure how many would come to a physical event.


  1. Zoom accounts cost money, where is this coming from?

The university has started getting Zoom accounts so UBU will ask for an account for each Sport club and Activity group so you can host events. If this does not happen, you can use equipment budget (sports) or essential support funding (activities). 


  1. How about having stalls outside for the Freshers Fayre?

UBU is thinking about this, as it would increase our stall capacity a lot. However, in the event of bad weather, we would not have the space indoors to move these stalls inside. So we are planning our fayre to take place inside, unless the weather is looking very good for the 2 weeks prior


  1. Why do we have to do event forms for our give it a go that are part of our regular sessions?

UBU is better placed to advertise events that are booked in with our events system, than the regular booking forms for sport training and activity meetings.

The risk assessment would also be quite different as you are balancing returning members and students who are brand new to what you are doing. You can also request tickets or a free online booking system to be set up on our website for events. And UBU can easily redirect students from our Freshers page to your pages


Please send any questions to ubuevents@bradford.ac.uk or your staff coordinator.


Last updated: 09/09/20