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Development Fund

The Development Fund is a pot of money available to all Activity Groups that is managed by the Activities Committee. £1 from each membership paid goes into this fund, and groups that have been dormant for two academics will be shut down and their private account balance will be transferred to this fund. 


The fund is here to help you with costs that you can't cover yourselves. This could be marketing, events that are educational or social or equipment that will be relevant to fulfilling your objectives and aims. The fund can only be given if it will benefit your members.


You can ask for a grant, where money will be given from the fund into your private account, for a loan where you will be able to pay the money back after ticket sales or fundraising, or a direct purchase of something from the fund. 


You can apply to the development fund at any time using the form below, but please be aware that the Activities Committee need time to review the applications in their meetings and it may be some time before you hear back. Please make sure you apply to us with sufficient time and before you need the funds.