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Personal Compelling Reasons

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Gift year, and appeal process for Full-time undergraduate students

Students are normally entitled to funding for the standard length of their course plus one extra year. Student Finance England often refer to the extra year as a ‘gift year’. The ‘gift year’ can be used to fund a repeat year of study. During this year students continue to be eligible for all the SFE loans and grants you usually receive.

However, if the students repeat a year of their course more than once or they have previously studied on a higher education course in the past - even if they only attended for one day or studied outside of the UK - they may have used your gift year of funding already. This means that they will not be entitled to receive a Tuition Fee Loan for the repeat year and will have to pay their own tuition fee.

However there are exceptions to this rule and Student Finance England will consider funding some students.  If a student is repeating the year because  of Compelling Personal Circumstances (CPR) affected their study, for example, illness or bereavement (other circumstances can be considered), Student Finance England may, at their discretion, award an extra year of funding . This extra year of funding would include the Tuition Fee Loan and where relevant, the Maintenance/Special Support Grant. It is known as a CPR year of funding.

To be considered for this extra year, the will need to provide SFE with evidence of the circumstances that caused them to repeat and ask them to consider this. The student should do this once you have made their funding application for the next year of your course.