Exec Elections

Executive Elections

Executives, or execs, are students who lead our sports clubs, societies and media areas. They are elected by their fellow student members, run the group and volunteer their time with UBU. Our sport clubs, societies and media groups hold exec elections twice during an academic year. The first election period takes place at the beginning of semester 1 for execs and the main elections take place in April for the next academic year.

Timeline for 2018-19 exec elections

Self-nominations are open from 16th April

Self-nominations close between Friday 20th April and Monday 23rd April depending on society, sport or media - check with your current exec or UBU for exact day/time

E-voting opens on Monday 23rd April

E-voting closes on Friday 27th April and results released shortly after 

What are the criteria for being an exec?

You must match the following;

  • Be a current member of the society, sport or media group you want to be an exec of
  • Be a current University of Bradford student
  • If standing for a exec position in the following academic year - then be expecting to re-enrol at UoB for the following year
  • Be elected via the UBU website and follow the UBU elections bye-law 

How do I become an exec?

Figure out which group and position you want to be elected to, meet the criteria above and then nominate yourself via our website. 


Self-nomination requires you to submit your full name, a photo of yourself and a manifesto. The manifesto is reasons why you should be elected to the position you are standing for and be a maximum of 250 words. A guide on how to write a manifesto can be downloaded here

Here is a guide that shows you where to find the self-nomination portal and submit your manifesto 

How does voting happen?

Every member of a society, sport or media group will recieve an email to their university student account with a link that will take them to the voting page. This voting page will show all the elections you're eligible to vote in. Or follow this weblink


Only members of that group are able to vote in their elections. You can still vote if you are standing for a position 


What happens in an election that has no votes? It is declared void, and it is up to the current execs and UBU whether to re-run it

Can I stand for more than one exec position? Yes, you can stand for multiple exec positions within the same group or in different ones. You cannot be elected to multiple signatory positions within the same society, media or sport however. Signatory positions are President, Secretary and Treasurer. You may be given the choice to decide which exec position you would like to keep and which you would like to reliquish if this occurs

Can I campaign for votes? Yes, but you must follow the UBU Elections byelaw and regulations. These can be found on our website

If I'm unhappy with the elections, what can I do? You can submit a complaint via the UBU elections procedures