What are motions?

At many UBU Council meetings, motions are proposed as a way of establishing policy and mandating action. Some make a long-term "policy" statement which guides other decisions; others call for individual pieces of action. Motions are a way to change something you perceive as needing improvement.

Properly researched motions, backed up by evidence of demand from students (which we provide through our research services) will be taken seriously by the University, and assist our officers in lobbying and negotiating for improvements to your academic experience.


Submit an idea for a motion

Anyone can put an idea to a Council meeting through a motion. To understand how to create an effective motion, please visit Student Voice (the green area in UBU!) where we will work with you to gather evidence, build a team of volunteers, and arrive at a series of resolutions that UBU can effectively work towards and achieve. Then your motion goes to the meeting to be debated and democratically voted on, after which, if approved, it becomes our policy for five years. (It may be renewed after this time.)

You can also discuss a proposed motion by contacting the elected Union Affairs Officer ( or the supporting staff member for Democracy and Campaigns ( There is a deadline for submission to meetings of a full week beforehand, but we urge you to get in touch well before that so we can help you as described above. Motions must have a proposer and seconder, and fifteen "assenters" — who agree to its being discussed but need not neccessarily agree with the content. All must be current UBU students and provide their UB number.


The most recent motions


Full list of still-current motions, including renewed motions
(Just titles because not all are digitised yet. All are available to read in full — by request at UBU)

  • Rest breaks in meetings
  • Have a sensory room
  • Make the campus more accessible to wheelchairs
  • Management and Law library and resources
  • Ents rooms
  • Faster payments
  • Mental health (staff training)
  • Music in the Mall
  • Blinds in the library
  • Claim your societies space
  • Solidarity with Malia Bouattia
  • Safer spaces policy
  • An ethical investment policy
  • No more page three
  • End rape culture
  • Don't let hate divide us
  • A Motion For A Fair Trade Union And University
  • Catering for an inclusive Union (Halal Foods)
  • An Environmentally and Ethically sound Union and University
  • Discrimintion against Trans students 
  • Gender neutral toilets