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Events Management (Green Ambassadors)

The Green Ambassadors

The Green Association Scheme is a student social programme which aims to create a positive community spirit throughout the student village, and make your time at The Greem Accomdation a memorable experience.

About the scheme

  • The Green is divided into seven Green Associations, each with approximately 150 students.
  • The Associations are led by a group of enthusiastic Green Ambassadors, who we recruit at the beginning of the academic year.
  • The Ambassadors organise events, communicate with their students, promote engagement and provide accommodation feedback. 
  • Monthly meetings of all Ambassadors are aimed at discussing events, giving accommodation feedback from students and brainstorming different ideas.
  • There are several competitions throughout the year which cover a wide variety of interests, from sports to fundraising


How to join

If you live at The Green, you are automatically a member of one of The Green Associations.

To become a leading figure and join The Green Ambassadors team of your association, send an email to ask for an application form:

What’s my Association?

The Green Association that you belong to depends on the block you live in:

  • Crispin – The Harlequin Green Association
  • Edda – The Myrtle Green Association
  • Goldfinch – The Teal Green Association
  • Heron – The Myrtle Green Association
  • Humbolt – The Emerald Green Association
  • Merryweather – The Celadon Green Association
  • Moorpark – The Jade Green Association
  • Morello – The Viridian Green Association
  • Peregrine – The Jade Green Association
  • Ribston Pipin – The Harlequin Green Association
  • Roundel – The Viridian Green Association
  • Valor – The Teal Green Association
  • Vranga – The Emerald Green Association
  • Willingham – The Emerald Green Association