Room Bookings

Room Bookings

Student room booking form

To book a room for individual study, group study etc. go to the University Resource Booker

Registered UBU Groups Events booking form

To book an event in Student Central or another University room, please download the form below and email it to

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External Venues

Recently the Students' Union has been made aware of some issues with external venues when it comes to holding events. We also have had some student groups facing additional costs with events held in external venues who have not get sufficient kit to support the events.

If you are looking to hold events off-campus then please come and see us to see our approved list of external venues alongside information about what services they can provide and what you'd need to book in from us.

Food and Hygiene

If you are providing food as part of a booking please familiarise yourself with the document below.

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If you are providing food in the Union Mall please see below.

Registered UBU sports and societies may fundraise and Charity collect in Student Central.
However, there are some very specific laws about fundraising. Please talk to us at reception to make sure you know the latest.
You must wear vinyl disposable gloves.
You are only allowed to display food for 2 hours.
A Food Hygiene Certificate may be required.
No fresh cream.
No alcohol in the Mall (it is an alcohol-free space).
You are not allowed to sell any Nestle products (this includes many brands - please check!)
Written permission must be gained from UBU with agreed items on.
Fundraising and Charity money must be paid into UBU via the finance team.
Charities must have a Registered Charity number and new rules mean we may soon have to check and approve of charities in advance.
Please be aware we only allow one fundraising stall per day.
At the end of the event you must remove any leftover food or items or arrange for its disposal.

Ideas for Usage

Union Mall Ideal for one stall or multiple stalls, or performances Varies
Societies Space Ideal for film showings, presentations, discussions or food stalls, that are both open but a bit more restrictable for guest-only events 50
Student Central Theatre Ideal for films, lectures. 180
Activities Room Ideal for small presentations, meetings and activities, screen included 25
UBU Boardroom Ideal for meetings, screen included 18
SC0.44 Ideal for meetings, activities 20
SC0.46 Ideal for meetings, activities 30
SC0.48 Ideal for meetings, activities 16
SC0.49 Ideal for meetings, activities 16
SC0.50 Ideal for meetings, activities 25
Amp Bar Ideal for larger club nights, fashion shows, comedy events etc Up to 850
Communal Hall Ideal for presentations, meetings, food-based events (tech not included) There is also a small kitchen attached to this room.  4 Screens on walls, ideal for use with gaming equipment. 100
Escape Room Ideal for small parties.  Small DJ Booth in room.  Bars could supply bottle bar if required. 100
Biko Room Ideal for presentations, dance classes, similar activities (tech not included) 100
Horton Barn Ideal for large speaker-based events, additional resources required for other types. Only bookable through University 399
Great Hall Ideal for large speaker-based events, additional resources required for other types. Only bookable through University 950
Atrium Ideal for small stalls and other events. Only bookable through University, not normally allowed to be used by students. TBC
  Please note capacity varies depending on the event type