What is sutainability?

We now live in a modern, consumerist and largely urban existence throughout the developed world and we consume a lot of natural resources every day. In our urban centres, we consume more power than those who live in rural settings and urban centres use a lot more power than average, keeping our streets and civic buildings lit, to power our appliances, our heating and other public and household power requirements.That's not to say that sustainable living should only focus on people who live in urban centres though, there are improvements to be made everywhere - it is estimated that we use about 40% more resources every year than we can put back and that needs to change.

The pillars of sustainability

If we want to protect our planet and our future generations, we need to consider to revise our policies and attitudes towards:

  • environmental protection
  • economic development
  • social development

This year, our Union focuses on promoting environmental protection and all the work that different groups on our campus and local community do. So, during Green Week we want to give you the chance to test some of the green activities we usually have on campus and also some other run by organisations in the Bradford community. The Green Week will be taking place between 27th- 31st Match 2017 and below you can find all the activities: