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We apologise that applications have been delayed

Recent applications have had a longer processing time than we aim for, due to the unavailability of key personnel. We are sorry for any inconvenience and will process all requests as soon as possible.


Student Membership

If you are a student at Bradford University, welcome! You are automatically a member of UBU! All students at UK universities are automatically members of their union. There is no charge for this. You are able to opt out by informing us in writing that you wish to do so.

Membership entitles the student to take part in the democratic processes of UBU (including voting in elections, speaking at General Meetings, and proposing motions at Council). Members may also apply to join our societies, media clubs, and sports clubs — each of these has its own application process and fee.

Individual members are not members of the National Union of Students (NUS) — instead, it is the whole union here that is a member of NUS.

If you want to get more involved in UBU, and "join" in the sense of being an active participant, please take a look at our pages about UBU Council, where you can find out how students lead our operations. Perhaps you could stand for election to the Council! You could also consider becoming a "student representative" (formerly known as a class representative) or a faculty representative, to help improve academic quality.

Life Membership

All graduates of the University of Bradford are entitled to Life Membership of UBU. We love our members to remain engaged with us and so this category of membership is free!

To apply to be formally registered as a Life Member, please fill in this form with as many details as possible.

Life Membership entitles the member to attend and observe General Meetings, and to apply to join our societies, media clubs, and sports clubs — though please note, acceptance is at the absolute discretion of each individual society or club. We are working on a package of further exciting benefits for our Life Members.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to staff of the University of Bradford, and to other persons whose close association with UBU may justify it. Each application is considered by an elected panel of student members who will decide if the applicant has a sufficient connection to justify membership. We are obliged to do this because, as a charity, we must provide benefits only in line with our mission. Typically, suitable candidates wish to support societies or clubs, for example through sports coaching. There is a fee of £15 per year for Associate Membership.

To apply to be an Associate Member, please fill in this form with as many details as possible. If your membership is approved, you will be sent a link so you can return to pay the fee.

Honorary Life Membership

This is a very special category; nominations are received for people who have made a special contribution to the life of the union. An elected panel of student members will judge these nominations on thier merits, and award a strictly limited number of Honorary Life Memberships each year.

During the annual nominations period, you can nominate someone using this form. Self-nomination is acceptable. NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED until circa April 2019.

Honorary Life Members receive the same advantages as Life Members, plus a package of gifts and discounts. They are able to use the University Library and are encouraged to visit the union!