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Location: Middle Floor (Floor 0.1), Student Central, University of Bradford City Campus. 

Postcode: (for web map searches) is Longside Lane, BD7 1SA 

Building: The Student Central location on campus is represented by the number 11 on this map.

If you are coming for an event come in via Shearbridge Road and down onto Longside Lane and take the first right through the barrier and into the car park which usually contains Minibuses. You are able to park in any space that is not marked as disabled (unless you have a disabled pass). You must collect a parking pass within ten minutes of parking up.

If you are making a delivery you can take the second right on Longside Lane and park temporarily in the cross-hatched space next to the building.

For general visitors please come in via Great Horton Road and go to the visitor's car park next to the Richmond Building, collecting a pass from the main reception just inside the building. Then please make your way across campus by foot.

Campus Map

General Public Transport information

This is a useful online tool to pre-plan your route in the Yorkshire area by public transport and on foot, supplying bus, coach and train timetable information and area maps showing bus stops:

Arriving By Bus

It is a 5-10min bus ride from the town centre to the stops near the University, depending on traffic.

The 610, 613 and 614 busses set off from the town centre and travel up Great Horton Rd, all stopping at Manville Terrace, Ash Grove and Back Lane.  Between these services, 9am-5pm Mon-Sat, there is a bus every ten minutes from the town centre to the University.

The 576 to Halifax travels from the Bradford Interchange up Morley St, (see map) and runs approximately every ten minutes during office hours Mon-Sat. The 576 stops just above Ashgrove and next to the college building just before the double mini roundabout on the corner junction of Trinity Rd (not on this map).  It is a 5 min walk to campus from Morley St.

Alternatively you can make use of the £1 city bus that runs every ten minutes and stops at Manville Terrace (see map) before turning onto Claremont:

All timetable and bus stop details can be found here:

Arriving By Train

Online rail information is available here:

Arriving By Bike

There is a secure bike cage outside the doors of the Longside Lane Entrance, please call in advance for the code to access this, or ask at Union Reception on arrival (into Student Central via Longside Lane, through the automatic double doors, turn right at the shop, purple reception). Please note you will still need to lock your bike even in the cage.

Arriving On Foot

From the town centre or Interchange/Forster Square travel to Centenary Square and from there look for The Alhambra as a landmark.  Keeping The Alhambra on your left, walk up the hill on the semi-pedestrianised road running up the side of the theatre, to meet Great Horton Rd. Keep walking up Great Horton Rd, around the corner and past Bradford College. The University is the next campus on the right. Pedestrian Entrances are at Richmond Rd, just opposite Ash Grove, Longside Lane and Tumbling Hill St.  Please note there is no longer any pedestrian access onto campus from the South-West end of Great Horton Rd, or from Shearbridge Rd. Student Central is an approximately twenty minute walk from Bradford Interchange and about a fifteen minute walk from the town centre. 

Arriving by Taxi

Hackney Carriage taxis are available from Bradford Interchange and Forster Square Station. The journey to the University City Campus from Bradford town centre will cost about £5.00.  It will help to be clear about which entrance you are heading for at the start of the journey (i.e. Longside Lane entrance) as this will affect the choice of route. The driver won’t necessarily know where the Student Union is.

Arriving By Car

To drop off and collect people or items only:  It is possible to drive up to the entrance of the building if necessary. Vehicular access is via Shearbridge Road (see map). When you arrive at the barrier (no height restrictions) use the intercom button to inform University Security you are here to drop off at or collect from the Students Union (you might have to give some details) and they will let you through.

Parking for visitors: Now only available at the Richmond Building reception; turn off Great Horton Rd onto Richmond Rd, in front of the blue-clad Richmond Building . 

1) When you arrive at the barrier, use the intercom button to inform University Security you are here to visit the Students Union (you might have to give some details about your visit) and they will let you through. There are no height restrictions on this barrier.

2) You will then need to park temporarily in front of the Richmond Building, go inside and collect your visitors parking permit from the Richmond Building Reception. The receptionist will let you know where to park. The permit must be placed visibly in your car immediately upon parking.  (The parking officers are very enthusiastic about clamping people, and we can’t afford to help you with removal costs!)

The receptionist at the Richmond building can give you directions to Student Central from your allocated car park.

Upon Your Arrival at Student Central

Please report to the Union Reception, who can locate the person you are visiting.

Any Further Questions?

(01274) 23 3300

Find out more about travelling to the University.

Campus Map

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