Scavenger Hunt

NSRWC18 Photochase 


Below are clues which describe objects or locations within the three zones on the map below. Your team will get a point for each photo taken at the location, or of the object. You must present your photos to the NSRWC18 Committee by 14:00 Sunday.

Photo rules;

  • must contain at least 1 team member
  • Must clearly show the location or object in the clue
  • Follow any instructions in the clue


Zone 1 - blue

  • Poke the plastic human torso
  • The knee, the spine and the brain on a wall
  • Hug the Love and Reconciliation
  • Stand under the University of Bradford
  • Different languages in the Peace Garden
  • University of Bradford outside broadcasting truck
  • Harold Wilson’s name on a wall
  • Rainbow poles


Zone 2 - green

  • Queen Victoria
  • Who the University of Bradford library was named after
  • 9 glass panels, 9 feet tall with 9 glass circles
  • At the entrance to the tunnel going under the bridge of Sun into Wells
  • Feet in the Mirror pool
  • Stand ‘in’ the sea Bradford is by
  • Under the arch of Ivegate  


Zone 3 – pink

  • Sit in Grandad’s Chair and point at his clock
  • Pay homage to Frederick D
  • Where connects a needle and a thread
  • Where industrial rail meets modern fibre 
  • Oastler centre is named after a person – find him
  • Forster – the person, not the station


Bonus points

  • A point for every plaque marking the hidden Bradford river
  • Funniest group photo