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Terms and Conditions

As always, Wheaton’s law applies - don’t be a (insert asterisked word here). Aggressive or harassing behaviour will not be tolerated, and will result in you being removed from the event. 

Please be respectful of other guests, volunteers, and anyone around the University of Bradford campus (as students are still studying), during the event. 

Don’t cheat in your games - the aim of this event is to have fun, and cheating takes the enjoyment away for everybody. Similarly, be fair with your charity rerolls.

The University of Bradford and UBU strive to be green, both winning awards for their effort. Make sure all your rubbish is cleared away into the appropriate recycling bins provided, and leave the rooms in the way you found them. 

Please don’t take alcohol out of the bar areas or smoke in the non-smoking areas of campus. All areas on campus are clearly marked.

If there any problems during the event or you have any questions please just find a volunteer and ask for help, they will point you in the right direction. Quiet rooms will be offered during the event if any attendee who feels like they need to get away.


You will also be expected to follow both the University of Bradford and the Bradford Union of Students Code of conducts whilst on campus. 

NSRWC reserve the right to bar attendees who are banned from their University / Students Union or have engaged in aggressive or inappropriate behaviour, and refund attendees on a case-by-case basis.