Where to Eat

There will be plenty of food opportunities on campus with both the Union and Richmond Buildings having their own shops, as well as a canteen in the Richmond building for hot food open over the weekend and coffee shops and fast foods available in the Atrium downstairs.

If you're looking for something different during the day there are options directly over the road from the Great Horton entrance, such as a Subway and a Greggs. Further down the road and nearer to Bradford College you can find smaller places such as a milkshake bar and burger joint, which is a tasty option and not too far from the University.


For sit down group meals, Omars -  a Balti house - is a good bet, just a little down the road from the University. Further down in Centenary Square, you will find a Chinese buffet, a Nandos and a Wetherspoons – all good for group meals, while still not being too far from campus or hotels. There's also a vartiety of other resteraunts and takeaways, such as McDonalds, Zizzis, Taco Bell and more available around town!


Our Union shop also sells supplies such as pens, paper and pencils – Blackwell's in the Richmond building also offers a variety of notebooks and stationary, should you find yourself in short supply come the day of the event, as well as extra polysets, in case you need to replace your unlucky ones!