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Boxing is hugely popular worldwide and is an incredibly rewarding sport to partake in both for fitness, confidence and most importantly fun.


As a member of the Bradford Lions Boxing team, you’ll have access to Olympic standard training facilities which were used by several nations during the 2012 London Olympics, this alongside a team of talented ABA qualified coaches will provide you with a unique and exceptional experience of the sport which other universities may not be able to offer. This also allows you to join at any level of experience and progress to levels you may have not thought you could, in both skills and fitness. We also offer fitness and competitive sets during training sessions to cater to your preferences, therefore allowing you to choose whether you’d like to fight competitively or exercise.


•Training times are every Tuesday and Thursday 6-7:30pm.

•Training is held at the Bradford College Boxing Center (Trinity Green Campus).



President: Sofia Delidaki, BSc Psychology 

Vice President: Kostandina Toci, BSc Business and Management

Secretary: Abdullah El Saadawy, MPharmacy

Treasurer: Hunnan Haider, BSc Marketing

Social Secretary 1: Christian Schilder, MSc International Business and Management

Social Secretary 2: Stijn Bus, MSc International Strategic Marketing

Charity Officer: Clara Lemarié, BSc Industrial Engineering

Captain: Toyzar Omer, BSc Clinical Technology



FB page: UoBBoxing

Instagram page: bradfordlions


Sofia (President):


If you feel up to the challenge get in touch and join the lions family!🦁🥊



Terms and conditions

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Memberships paid to UBU are non-refundable. This includes fees for our registered societies, sports and media. Members of UBU are subject to the Code of Conduct, and memberships may be revoked by Executives, Committees or Council in the case of breach of any terms and conditions. Refunds can be requested though will only be issued if agreed by the respective Governing body. These memberships are available to all current UoB students. Availability for UBU Associate members is on the discretion of the respective Governing body. For more information, please contact

Important Sports Membership Information

Please head to Unique Fitness and Lifestyle to show your confirmation email to complete registration including filling out the health and safety form. Please also bring along your student card.