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Basketball Tournament May Day Bank Holiday

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Welcome to the 30th Annual University Of Bradford May Bank Holiday Basketball Tournament!


To all of you veterans, welcome back and hello to all of our newbies here for the first, but definitely not the last, time! 


The price for this amazing weekend is £250 team fee (non-refundable) is required per team, this needs to be paid before 12th April 2019. A team fee deposit of £50 may be paid by the 22nd March 2019 but the full Team fee must be paid by the 12th April 2019.  This covers the costs associated with running the weekend trophies, volunteer meals and much more. The player fee or individual package fee needs to be paid by the 23rd April 2019.


We regret that we are not able to offer the usual variety of prices this year for the player/individual. The individual package fee price includes evening meals and night time entertainment throughout the weekend.


Player fee - £15.00 per person (No Food or Entertainment)

Individual Package Fee - £30.00 per person (Food and Entertainment included) 

We are currently looking at hosting a 30th Celebration event for which there may be an additional small charge for those wishing to come.


Please Note: Maximum number of players per team is 12


So if you are up for a weekend filled with basketball and entertainment followed by a week of quiet recovery, please follow this link to pay online, either a deposit of £30 or full team payment of £250 to confirm your attendance at the Tournament.  Should any of the deadlines above cause a problem, please ring the Michael Allhouse, contact details below.


If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to email Michael at: (01274 233300)



Friday Evening

Registration is open 4pm - 10pm in Sports Bar (usual venue) for those that don't know please see the map attached. At registration, you will be asked to pay any remaining entry fees you have,via the UBU Website.  

The schedule for the following day will be given to you at registration and we will also place a copy on the facebook page and email all team captains. 


Unique (University Sports Centre) BD7 1PP - Saturday, Sunday, Monday morning 

Grange Interlink BD7 1PX -Saturday, Sunday, Monday morning 

Bradford College BD7 1JG - 2pm - 7pm Saturday, Sunday, Monday (including finals)


The main tournament desk will be at Unique if you have any queries.

Fixtures start at 9am.

You will be able to collect meal tickets from the tournament desk after lunchtime. 

The last fixture will be finished by 7pm. 


The main tournament desk will be at Unique if you have any queries.

Fixtures start at 9am and finish at 7pm.

You will be able to collect meal tickets from the tournament desk after lunchtime. 

Again we will send the fixtures for the following day out during the evening via email and posted on facebook. 


Fixtures start at 9am. For the morning all 3 venues will be used. If you aren't fulfilling your fixture on Monday please let us know Sunday evening. This allows us to adjust the schedule and might give the refs a lie in.

From approximately 11:30am the tournament will move to the college to start the finals and the competitions.  

Competitions available are 1 on 1, 3pt, Slam Dunk. If you would like to enter please send me your name and team name or speak to a volunteer on the reception desk. We have 'AMAZING' prizes for the winners!

The championship finals will take place from approx 2pm and finish at 4:30pm, where we will start the presentations and wrap up the weekend.  

Challenges / Requests

Most importantly enjoy the weekend!!

Please can we ask you to respect the refs and volunteers at all times! If they are out; buy them a drink/shot/dirty pint.

Introduce yourself to three people the tournament relies upon;

  • Rich Crowder, founder, I challenge you to over shake his hand, wait until it is so uncomfortable he has to pull his hand away!
  • Brian Sly, chief ref, welcome him with a high five (high ten if you get carried away) every time you see him! 
  • Fooks, timetable master, give him team hugs anytime you wish!

Extra credit to those teams who manage the above on and off court!!

Lastly - Always wear your tournament stripes!

Terms and conditions

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Team Fee Non Refundable