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The Bradford African Caribbean Society (ACS), is a place welcoming of all students. With our main aim being the celebration of diversity and empowerment, ACS strives to offer support and a networking platform for our members; whether it be support transitioning to university life or helping students adjust and enjoy their time at university through our events; we promise a family oriented environment where you are listened to and always put first. While the name of the society can be misleading, this society is not exclusive to just those with an African/ Caribbean background, we welcome all university students therefore we appreciate people from all backgrounds joining our society. Despite the current circumstances we still want to bring our members the best we have to offer. Throughout the year, all of our members will have a discounts on our lively events, inspirational talks and much more. We hope together we can create a healthy learning environment for both you and us and we hope that far from home, we become your sanctuary in the uncertain world that is university life.


Vanessa - President & Treasurer


Sarah - Vice President 



Danielle - Secretary & Events Coordinator


Michael - Sports Officer

Nana - Media Officer

Keep posted on our day to day activities by folowing our socials. We, your executive team, look forward to meeting and welcoming you all to our society! 


Facebook: Bradford Uni ACS

Instagram: acs_bradford_ 

Snapchat: @acs_bradford


Email :





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Terms and conditions

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Memberships paid to UBU are non-refundable. This includes fees for our registered societies, sports and media. Members of UBU are subject to the Code of Conduct, and memberships may be revoked by Executives, Committees or Council in the case of breach of any terms and conditions. Refunds can be requested though will only be issued if agreed by the respective Governing body. These memberships are available to all current UoB students. Availability for UBU Associate members is on the discretion of the respective Governing body. For more information, please contact

Important Sports Membership Information

Please head to Unique Fitness and Lifestyle to show your confirmation email to complete registration including filling out the health and safety form. Please also bring along your student card.