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Suspension of Studies

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A suspension should not total more than one year (3 terms or 2 semesters) in any one programme of study. The start of the suspension must be within the current term/semester – it should not be retrospective. Suspensions cannot be backdated.

Suspended students must be aware that the on-going availability of their programme is not guaranteed and that programmes or modules may change during their period of suspension. This might necessitate the student undertaking a revised programme or modules.

To suspend studies Students should apply, in writing, to their Personal Academic Tutor, Year Tutor or Programme Tutor who has responsibility for the programme on which they are registered to suspend their studies, giving reasons for the request. The student will also need to complete a form using the link attached to the web link in the next column.

If a student has been suspended for more than one year (or following a further additional period due to extreme personal circumstances) and is unable to resume their studies, then they should be withdrawn from the programme. This would not preclude them applying for re-admittance under the regulations at some later date.

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