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Extenuating Circumstances

All Extenuating Circumstances can be submitted from your e:vision account. Students are advised to also mention that they will be submitting extenuating circumstances to their Personal Tutor. You can submit your request about Extenuating Circumstances before an assessment or up to 7 days after the assessment. You should make the request even if you don't have very strong evidence, because it's always better to inform the University.
The list of evidence which is helpful includes:
  • medical / health certificate or Doctor's letter with date relating to the period of study and assessment
  • death certificate if a bereavement is involved
  • letter of support / explanation from a Support Service in the University eg. Counselling service, Disabilities Service, IF the student is currently attending, or was attending the Counselling Service when the situation arose.
  • letter of support / explanation from independent third party, such as a religious leader
The University are particularly interested in the following grounds:
  • Bereavement – death of close relative/significant other.
  • Serious short term illness or accident (of a nature which in an employment context would have led to an absence on sick leave)
  • Evidence of a long term health condition worsening
  • Other significant / exceptional factors for which there is evidence of stress caused. This could include religious / cultural issues and their impact on individuals and families, but it does particularly depend on reliable evidence from a professional source.