Academic Appeals

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All students have a right to appeal a board of examiners decision once they have been informed via evision. A board of examiners decision could include a degree classification, a failed exam or an assessment that stops you from progressing further on your course.

If you wish to appeal this decision you have 10 working days in which to do this from when your results are published.

How to submit an appeal

  1. Read the Appeal Regulations. To submit an appeal you will need to consider which of the academic regulations your appeal applies to. These can be found in section 3.1.1 – 3.1.5. 
  2. Complete a stage 1 appeal form. This is located on the following web source:
  3. You will need to write an accompanying letter to explain why you are appealing. UBU have provided a letter template that can be used to assist with this process: Template
  4. Scan copies of any evidence that supports your case. This could be a letter from a GP, Death Certificate,  a letter from Counselling Service or Disability Service, a letter of support from your Religious Leader.
  5. Submit the appeal letter, form, and all accompanying evidence by email to

You must keep a copy of everything you submit.  You will receive a letter (normally within 15 working days of receiving your appeal from the Student Casework Team informing you of the outcome.  If your appeal is dismissed, you will be given reasons why, if you are successful you will be given details of how to proceed. 

Whilst your appeal is pending you will be permitted to continue with your study. You must continue on the basis that the appeal will be successful even if it ultimately is not.

What happens if you are unsuccessful?

If yours appeal is declined you can still submit a second appeal, to do this you are required to complete a stage 2 appeal form, and state the reasons why you are not satisfied with the decision.  A Stage Two appeal form templates can be found online:

You will only have 10 working days in which to submit this appeal from the date you receive the letter. Once you have completed the form send, and copies of your original appeal to

A decision will be made which will be the completion of the University’s appeal process. Once the University appeal process is completed, students unhappy with the final decision,  are advised to submit a complaint to the OIA. For more information please visit the OIA website: