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Student Central

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Union Mall

The Union Mall is the middle floor of Student Central and home to the main Students' Union offices plus many other great services.

Students' Union (UBU)

Union Mall

The Students' Union is the home to the UBU sabbaticals and staff, and our reception, so if you want to get involved with our sports, societies, media or volunteering, get support with your studies, or want to get something raised that's important for the student body, this is the place to be.

UBU Offices

You can find out more about the Students' Union throughout this site!


UBU RamAir


RamAir is our student radio station with state-of-the-art facilities for broadcasting and recording. As well as joining up as a presenter or member, you can use our recording facilities for student projects.

Find out more about RamAir.


UBU Activities Room

The Activities Room is perfect for theatre rehearsals, presentations and meetings.


University Just:Shop

University Just:Shop is your one-stop, well, shop for food, drink, snacks, stationery, clothing, frozen food and much more. With the best student prices, you can pick up something today!


University Costa Coffee

University Costa Coffee on the Union Mall, serving a wide range of coffees, tea, hot chocolate, sandwiches, soups, jacket potatoes and much more.


University Counselling Service

The Counselling Service exists for all enrolled students and staff of the University of Bradford and Bradford College, and provides an opportunity to talk confidentially and in private about any matter which may be causing concern.

The counsellor will offer an understanding, caring atmosphere and will listen carefully to all that you may need to say. The aim of the process is to help you to understand your situation to the point where you can see for yourself the most appropriate course of action.

Visit the Counselling Service website.


UBU Societies Space

The Societies Space is the perfect space for holding society meetings stalls or small fayres.


Learning Mall

The upper floor of Student Central is home to the University Careers and Disability services, alongside the UBU Student Cinema and bookable seminar rooms.


Seminar Rooms

Student Central have a range of seminar rooms that are bookable for student meetings, study groups and lots more! Each room includes tables, chairs, a computer and large interactive screen, so are really flexible for your needs.


Lecture Theatre / UBU Student Cinema

The Student Central180-seat lecture theatre is brilliant for running large meetings, big presentations or speaker-based events. With microphones and a massive projector available, this is a very flexible space. Plus, it's the home for our Student Cinema.


University Careers

Careers is the perfect place to find employment during your time as a student or as a graduate.

Visit the Careers Service website


University Disability Service

If you are a student with disabilities you can visit here for support.

Visit the Disability Service website


Student Central Computer Suite

On the top floor of Student Central there are cluster rooms with computers to use, as well as computers available on the upper corridor.


Ents Mall

The ents mall is home to the University's four bars and is the venue for big club nights, but is also available for dance classes, food-based events, birthday parties, fundraisers and lots, lots more.


University Sports Bar

Sports Bar

The University Sports Bar includes its own fully-stocked bar, pool tables, darts board and massive televisions showing the biggest sports matches from across the board. Open during the day, evening and night, it's a great place to grab a drink, snack or meal.

Find out more about bars on campus


University Amp and Central Bar

Amp and Central Bar

The Amp and Central Bar are two massive venues with two bars and a stage area. During the day and evening you can play pool, enjoy the great music and enjoy a selection of alcoholic drinks, teas and coffees, snacks and meals, and at night it can be transformed into a fully-kitted-out club venue.


UBU Biko Room

Biko Room

The Biko Room is a perfect space for Societies large meetings, dance sessions and much more!


UBU Communal Hall and Kitchen

The Communal Hall is used for society meetings, theatre productions and much more, alongside events with food such as international cooking thanks to its attached kitchen. It also includes four XBox and Kinect units for gamers.


University Escape Bar

Escape is a 100-capacity nightclub with its own bar and DJ point, perfect for smaller club nights, niche events, birthday parties, fundraisers and much more!



Amp Bar

The Ents Mall overlooks our beautiful amphitheatre. Perfect for chilling out on in the good weather, there are pads for barbecues and access to the Amp Bar for refreshments. It's also the venue for our annual massive Party On The Amp end of term event.