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PostGraduate Research Lounge

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The PGR Lounge is a space dedicated for research students (undertaking a PhD programme). Launched in May 2015, it celebrates a step forward in the building of a research community at the University of Bradford. If you’re doing a PhD, this Lounge is a place you can call your own, where they can socialise, work, and help each other grow intellectually by having inter-disciplinary conversations.

What’s the space designed for?

The Lounge is intended to be a mixture of the following:

  1. To serve as a social space catering for your needs:
    1. Housing a kitchen area – microwave, hot water, fridge, hot drinks vending machine.
    2. Enabling social learning, with the arrangement of soft seating and a relaxed atmosphere.
    3. TV situated in a chill-out zone
    4. A space where student-led activities can happen, including events held by the PGRSoc.
    5. Learning zone:
      1. Alternative study space to complement facilities in the library and in faculties.
      2. Enables independent and collaborative study
      3. Facilitates the creation and maintenance of a University-wide research environment
      4. Hub for Resources and Information:
        1. Printing via student cards, all of which are loaded with £50
        2. Meeting rooms for academic or extracurricular activity
        3. Hub team – PGR admin team working office to provide you with support.

Over the course of the next academic session, we’d love to see this space bustling with PGR students from every faculty all year round. We want to see collaborative work, sharing of ideas, exploring other disciplines, socialising and engaging with extracurricular activities.

But most importantly, we want this space to be exactly what you want it to be, because the main message to you is this: this space is your space. You should feel free to do in it as you please. Organise your own activities, create your own events, invite your supervisors, and hold your own conferences. And remember the Students’ Union is always happy to support you in anything you want to do.

If you have any questions regarding the Lounge or any post-graduate taught or research (PGT or PGR) provision, please contact Michael Allhouse, Student Engagement Manager

Click here to view the photos from the opening ceremony.