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Lead UBU Fulltime
Your Account illustrationLog in to this website if you haven't already (use the red "sign in" box at the top right of your screen). Next, where your name appears near the top right in the grey box, pull down that drop-down menu (as shown in the illustration) and go to "Your Account/Profile".


Then when you are in the "Your Account" page, choose "My Nominations" from the list on the left of the page. You will see a list of all posts for which you are eligible.* Select the post you wish to nominate yourself for.

* Note, if you don't see a post you are expecting, this can be because our listing for your status is incorrect. This happens often and we apologise! It is a result of the data we receive from the University and is out of our control, until you let us know! Drop us a line and we'll fix it.

Before nominating yourself, you must read our rules about standing in elections, particularly the Elections By-law. All candidates are expected to have read these before submitting a nomination. Most elections are very straightforward but in the event of any queries or appeals during the election, ignorance of the rules will not be acceptable as an excuse ;-)

It is a requirement for this election that your manifesto consists only of answers to the three questions explained in the box below:

If successfully elected as a full-time sabbatical officer you will be a senior student representative, and Trustee of the Students’ Union. 

The Mission of UBU is to:

  • inspire and nurture each student
  • maximise their potential
  • enrich their journey
  • sustain our future
  1. What ideas and initiatives do you propose that will enhance the Unions commitment to these values?
  2. What previous experiences of leadership will you bring to the role?
  3. What specific aims do you have for enhancing the student experience with regards to the role that wish to be elected into?


Please note, you may receive feedback from the Deputy Returning Officer on the suitability of your manifesto, and we reserve the right to ask for amendments before it is published, if content is considered to be unsuitable.


Candidates are then required to attend compulsory election training which will take place later on in the year. You will be able choose which session to attend, but you must attend one of these and failing to do so shall lead to removal from the elections.