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2019 UBU Elections

Nominations are now open for the UBU Elections 2019. We would like to invite YOU to consider standing! All current University of Bradford students (who have not opted out of membership of UBU) are now invited to nominate themselves.

We are seeking four students to lead our Union in a full-time paid capacity as Sabbatical Officers. Our team of officers are able to effect real change to University life, the local community, and national student politics, as the most senior student representatives.

As well as this our officers are members of the Union's Trustee Board, sharing responsibility for governance and compliance of the Union as a Charity.

The roles available for students to nominate themselves are:

We are also seeking a Chair of Council for the 2019/20 Academic Year. In this volunteer role, the successful student will be the Chair of the Union's most important democratic decision-making body, as well as also being a Trustee on the Union's Trustee Board.

If you'd like to know more, read on...

UBU is student-led

UBU is a Charity whose aim is to represent and support our students. Our leadership team is elected annually from among you, those very students, to ensure that your voices are properly heard. We want to enhance your experience at University. That means we try to match the services we offer to what you tell us you want and need. And the real evidence we gain from listening to all of your opinions gains us the respect of the University so that together we can improve your student life here!

What roles are available?

Five roles are up for election. All of them will give you incredible opportunities, and all of them also make the holder a Trustee of the Union, so part of all our most strategic decisions. Each one has its own special set of responsibilities and areas of interest:

  1. The Chair of Council. This is the only one of these roles that is not a full-time job. The Chair directly Chairs Council meetings, making sure they are conducted properly. So this role is crucial in protecting the fairness and democracy of our system. The Chair also leads the other volunteer Council members in their campaigning and projects.
  2. The Education Officer. A full-time, paid job for one year. This person provides leadership for the Faculty Representatives and all the other academic representatives. They attend a number of University committees where they are an active part of improving the quality of learning & teaching.
  3. The Community & Activities Officer. A full-time, paid job for one year. This person works closely with our supporting staff team to ensure societies, RAG, and media activities are prospering and exciting for you.
  4. The Sports & Wellbeing Officer. A full-time, paid job for one year. This person works closely with our support staff and the Unique sports centre, and our nationally competitive teams as well as working on free, non-competitive sports, plus schemes for a healthy, active campus.
  5. The Student Affairs Officer. A full-time, paid job for one year. This person makes sure your student voice is heard in our governance structures and in our liaison with the University, and other key players in the local community and the national student movement.

What support is available?

To run is super-simple. Just log in to our website ( and go to “Your Account”, then go to “My Nominations”. You’ll see all the posts there (or if you don’t please let us know!)

Then you complete a form, including answering some key questions about your motivation and plans. These questions are there to give a bit more structure and guidance to your “manifesto” than we gave in previous years. It will help make it easier to compare candidates!

We will check that you are eligible to run — there are a few legal formalities connected with becoming a Charity Trustee, but don’t worry, we’ll talk this through with you!

Then our support staff will give you a training session, telling you more about what it means to be a Trustee of a Charity, and an employee of us… and we’ll discuss more about how the roles, and the election will work. Those same staff will be on hand throughout the election process, and then throughout your time with us, to help you with all the “operational” and logistical tasks so that you can concentrate on being representative and creative!

What happens next? (Training for the roles / career development…)

If you’re lucky enough to be elected, we provide extensive training during the summer break. In terms of career development, there are a huge range of skills that we always see our sabbaticals developing. The roles are what you make them, but we will discuss further training needs that you may want through the year.

By the end you will have a wealth of experience in representation, negotiation, organisation, even management!

Sabbatical roles look incredibly strong on your CV, and many sabbaticals have gone on to amazing jobs. These aren’t just for “politicians”. Your experience will benefit you in so many ways in sectors from business to diplomacy, from events management to the arts, from community work to media work!