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Council election 2018/19

UBU Council is our principal student-led governing body — it's the place where elected representatives of students can discuss our activities.

You could be one of those representatives! It's a great experience; a chance to make a real improvement to the student experience; looks great on your CV; and makes you eligible for the Student Leadership Awards!

Our election cycle is changing and from 2019 on, all the non-sabbatical posts will be elected at the start of the year. The sabbaticals will continue to be elected towards the end of the year.

This year we are in transition, so some of the non-sabbatical posts are already elected.

On October 17th, 2018 you can vote for the following positions:

  • 6 Lay Members (i.e. members without portfolio) to sit on UBU Council (open to all students)
    • Candidates: Asha Hussain, Linda Andriksone, Samera Shabir, Sarish Khan.
  • 1 Postgraduate Officer (for taught and research Postgrad students)
    • Candidates: Gemma Jackson.
  • 1 LGBT+ Officer (for all LGBTIQA+ students)
    • Candidates: Matthew Bulman.
  • 2 delegates to NUS Conference (not voting members of Council but encouraged to attend it) (one of the two is reserved for a self-defining woman)
    • Candidates: Maria Battul, Mohammed Ismail Amin.

Follow the links above to read full job descriptions for each role.

Nominations were open from Monday 17th September until Monday 24th September. For each role above, "Re-open nominations" is also a "candidate".

Voting takes place (via this website) on 17th October, and the results will be announced on 19th October.

Please note that we are also looking for some new Student Trustees. This important governance role is elected separately, by UBU Council. If you would like to apply, please contact us to express an interest.