Earth Hour


Earth Hour was a great experience not only for the students but also for Bradford University Union! It came as a great surprise to win the £500 award and after that the whole hard work started. For one month we looked at every detail to make Earth Hour memorable for our students and to determine them to get engaged in climate action.

We organised two events, so everyone could take part in and celebrate this moment. We started on the 24th March with a Switch off event in our Students’ Union Sports Bar, where we had live music, a sustainability quiz, prizes, candles...and panda ‘Pedro’ photo session!  Then on the 25th March we celebrated Earth Hour along the other global events…we had a ‘Candlelit live music’ event in the students’ accommodation on campus. The weather was just perfect for this event and we tried to convince students to come down and join us!  It was a great evening with live music, candles, sweets, tea…and pizza! After this unique experience we are determined to get more students aware about climate action and how each of us can make an impact!

We hope everyone had a great time! See you all again next year!