UBU Council is the elected group within UBU that discusses and represents the whole student body

  • Note that UBU Council is different from the module-based class representatives known as "Student Representatives" and Faculty Representatives — although it is very interested in what those reps can tell it!
  • UBU Council in fact takes a top-level strategic view and can discuss any matter affecting students at Bradford University. It is how we are "student-led" and keep the "Student Voice" at the heart of our representation, support, and campaigning work within the University.
  • It also oversees the work of the elected officers and – together with General Meetings – holds them to account. All decisions are governed by its By-laws (see Governance).
  • It consists of the following 24 voting members:
    • 9 elected councillors without specific portfolio ("lay members")
    • 9 elected Non-Sabbatical Officers (each with a job title and specific responsibilities)
    • Up to 3 of the Faculty Representatives from the Academic Affairs Assembly
    • Up to 3 representatives from UBU Sports Assembly
    • Up to 3 representatives from UBU Activities Assembly
  • Also part of Council are the following 8 non-voting members:
    • The elected Chair of Council
    • All 4 elected Sabbatical Officers


Council meetings

  • Any member of UBU (which includes every current student who has not actively opted out) can attend a Council meeting and ask the Chair for permission to speak. Only the elected members  can vote. This is the key difference from General Meetings (including the Annual General Meeting) at which everyone can vote.
  • UBU Council meets a minimum of 3 times per semester. It gives the members the chance to interact, learn and develop in their roles, and gives everyone the opportunity to know what each officer is doing and to hold them accountable.


Submit an idea to Council

Any student who is a member of UBU can put an idea to UBU Council through a "motion". We are a student-led organisation, and this is the strongest way to put your ideas to the democratic test.

Please note, we are a Charity bound by many laws! To ensure that motions are actually achievable and fit within our existing policies, the Council Advisory Committee checks them before sending them on to Council. If they have concerns about the legality or achievability of a motion they will be delighted to work with you to fine-tune it and make it a realistic proposition. This can be a hugely productive part of the process. We will work with you to gather evidence in support of your point, build a team of volunteers (because someone is going to have to carry out the policy!), and arrive at a series of resolutions that UBU can effectively work towards and achieve. Then your motion goes to the meeting to be debated and democratically voted on, after which, if approved, it becomes our policy for five years.

You can discuss a motion you have in mind by contacting the Council Advisory Committee. There is a deadline for submission to meetings of a full week beforehand, but we urge you to get in touch well before that so we can help you as described above. Motions must have a proposer and seconder, and fifteen "assenters" — students who sign up that they agree to its being discussed, but need not neccessarily agree with the content). All must be current UBU students and provide their UB number.


What does a UBU Council member do?

  • UBU Council members are the people that collectively decide the policy of UBU.
  • The primary role is representation — of you, the students.
  • Each councillor may also join committees, which work closely on campaigning and elections, amongst other things.
  • They debate and set our policies and review the activity of the Executive Officers.


Council members for 2018/19

Preett Shokar   Chair
Matthew Bulman   Exec: LGBT
Itannaola Michael Alakija   Exec: BME
Rafic Sukar   Exec: Disabilities
Vacant   Exec: Inclusion
Maria Battul   Exec: Women
Gemma Jackson   Exec: PostGrad
Stavros Giotis   Exec: International
Ismail Amin   Exec: Enviro&Ethics
Vacant   Exec: RAG
Awais Ahmed   Lay
Afzhan Ali   Lay
Arslaan Hussain   Lay
Sarish Khan   Lay
Samera Shabir   Lay
Linda Andriksone   Lay
Asha Hussain   Lay
Walinase-Chiuta Chisenga   Lay
Muhammad Mohi-Ud-Din   Lay
Ryan Bryan   Activities Chair
Elina Kaha   Activities C.Rep
Ayman Malik   Activities C.Rep
Peter Anderson   Sports Chair
Emelia Quinn   Sports C.Rep
Edward Cook   Sports C.Rep
    Faculty Chair
    Faculty Rep
    Faculty Rep
Faiz Ilyas   Student Affairs
Sham Khan   Education
Ummer Yasin   Community&Activities
Hamza Ahmed   Sports&Wellbeing

Council timetable for 2018/19

First semester

  1. Monday 29th October, 6:00 p.m. D2.
  2. Tuesday 13th November, 6:00 p.m. D2.
  3. Wednesday 5th December, 6:00 p.m. Norcroft.

Second semester

  1. Thursday 24th January, 6:00 p.m. D2.
  2. Monday 11th February, 6:00 p.m. D2.
  3. Tuesday 5th March, 6:00 p.m. D2.
  4. Wednesday 3rd April, 6:00 p.m. D2.


Council meeting documents

UBU members are welcome to consult the minutes of previous Council meetings. Please email to request these. We hope to make them all available directly online in the future.