Union Council is the highest elected decision making statutory body within UBU. This means that it is the body that decides how things are done.

  • They can set and adjust the constitution, approve or reject motions, set up forums and sub-committees.
  • It also oversees the work of the Student Executive and media areas. All decisions are governed by its standing orders.
  • Union Council is representative of all schools, media areas, societies and sports clubs in the Union.
  • Union Council consists of 10 elected councillors (lay members), the Student Executive, School Representatives, and Sports and Societies representatives that are elected at AU and Societies Federation Council.


Council meetings

  • Any member of the Union can attend a Council meeting and ask questions or make proposals. However the only people at the meeting who can vote are the elected delegates.
  • Union council meets a minimum of once a month during term time and gives all Officers the opportunity to interact, learn and develop in their roles, whilst giving everyone the opportunity to know what each officer is doing.

Any business can be submitted to Union council ahead of the meetings via e-mail to or ask at the reception to see the Union Affairs Officer.


What does a Union Councillor do?

  • Union Councillors are the people that set the policy of the union and are the highest body in-between the meeting of all Students in General Meetings.
  • The primary role of a councillor at UBU is that of representation within the union and the University and for some positions nationally.
  • Each councillor has a mandate, which indicates the predominant area in which they work. This could be campaigning, elections, constitutional review and many more areas.
  • Councillors are responsible for dealing with the Union’s representational and campaigning activity.
  • They debate and agree the union policies and review the activity of the Executive Officers and hold them to account.

Council Minutes

29th September 18:00pm Richmond D2

18th October 18:00pm. Open Council – Union Mall

17th November 18:00pm Richmond D2

8th December 18:00pm. Open Council – Union Mall


Semester 2

26th January 18:00pm. Richmond D2

27th February 18:00pm. Bradford Council Chambers
(please note the list of attendees is to be corrected)

23rd March 18:00pm. Open Council – Union Mall
(pending corrections and approval at next Council)
You can also listen to the meeting here.

27th April 18:00pm Richmond D2

2nd May 18:00pm Richmond D2.