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Waterpolo Walk 27 Miles for Charity

Tuesday 22-05-2018 - 16:27
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Article by Alice Roberts

Despite starting the walk at 9am it was already extremely hot and we were glad we had packed so many water bottles in to our backpacks. We set off with the promise of an ice cream from a canal boat in skipton and so we were disappointed to find that we covered the first 5 miles too quickly and that it wouldn’t be open for another hour. 

We passed through beautiful areas of countryside, stopped at a very friendly pub in Silsden, and saw lots of wildlife. In total we met and rated over 70 dogs with our all-time favourite being a golden retriever who couldn’t get enough of the attention she was getting off the team. We met lots of friendly walkers along the way who were very interested in what we were doing and thought our two RAG charities were great causes. 

19 miles in we stopped at Bingley five rise locks for an ice cream, 14 miles after we expected one, and enjoyed a short break while watching a canal boat descend the series of locks. We carried on and eventually left the canal at Shipley, struggling up a hill and walking the last few miles on the road. We were all very happy when the penny bank came in to view as we could see our end point. Somehow we all speeded up a little bit and quite literally collapsed in Als Dime Bar to enjoy a celebratory cocktail. 

Due to an unplanned detour (part of the canal path was closed) we actually walked close to 27 miles. Although we all have multiple blisters on our feet and very achy legs, this challenging experience was infact very enjoyable, mainly due to entertainment provided by several of our louder members. We hope people will continue to donate to the two fantastic RAG charities while we let our feet recover. Thank you to those people who have already kindly donated 

You can continue to donate by visiting the donation page and clicking 'book now'.

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