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Get Creative In The Lockdown

Wednesday 29-04-2020 - 19:41
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UBU would like you to Get Creative in the Lockdown - the Lockdown cannot stop you from being creative, so send us something artistic and you could win one of our £40 arts prizes.

We will be awarding a series of £40 arts prizes for any creative expression created during the lockdown.

Every 2 weeks we will award a £40 Amazon voucher to the student or group who have created the piece which we liked the most.

What is Lockdown art? Poetry? Photography? Podcasts? Painting? We can help fund your creative project and you could win our first prize.

The Arthur Williams Creative Fund - A fund supporting artistic opportunity at Bradford University

The fund is to encourage students to run a project in any area of the arts; theatre, music, film, art, literature, gaming, photography or indeed any other artistic endeavour, stretching the meaning of art.

For more info email

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