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Exec elections for Sports and Activities

Monday 08-04-2019 - 16:42
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It's nearly time to vote for the student execs who will lead your sport clubs, activity groups and societies next academic year. Now though, it's your chance to put yourself forward to be one of those exec. Nominations open Wednesday 10th April and close Sunday 28th April, with voting on the 1st and 2nd May.

Want to become an exec?

Simply go to ( and go to “Your Account/Profile”, then go to “My Nominations” on the left.  You’ll see all the positions you are eligible for. To become a candidate, upload a photo of yourself and a manifesto for why you should be elected (max 250 words). If you have any issues nominating, email 

The exec roles available in every sport club or activity group are;

  1. President - the person responsible for leading their exec team and making sure their group is the best it can be 
  2. Secretary - the individual responsible for keeping plans on track and making sure tasks are done 
  3. Treasurer - the person who is responsible for the finance accounts of their group and keeping track of spending 

Some groups have other roles available, like Event Coordinators and Social Media Officers. Have a look at the nomination portal to see what exec positions are open in each group. 

Why should you be an exec for a sport or activity?

Being an exec looks amazingly good on your CV, builds your confidence and gives you transferrable skills you can use in any workplace, such as leadership, communication, planning and problem solving. 


You can only run to be an exec if you meet the following requirements;

  • You are a member of the group you want to be an exec of. To join a group, search for them on our website and click "Join this group" 
  • You are a current University of Bradford Student, and are expecting to be a UoB student next academic year 


UBU will offer full training and support to all our execs starting as soon as you're elected in May, including specialist training days for our Presidents in September. 

Any questions?




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