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Activities Awards 2020

Thursday 09-04-2020 - 17:45
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Every year the achievements of our Activity Groups are recognised at our Activities Awards. Here are the winners and shortlisted nominations.


Activity Group of the Year

Winner: Peace Society

The Peace Society this year has become a home for their 78 members, most of them international students, and engaged with their passions in environmental justice, peace education, clean our streets, sports for peace and development and much more. The Peace Society motto 'bring people together, work towards peace' has been embraced in everything they do. Most of their 18 events organised throughout the year have been open to the public and they've collaborated with other UBU activity groups and local organisations such as Bradford Student Cinema, Law Society, Bradford Council, PeaceJam UK, Refugee Action, Kings College London and local schools. This society has been successful at building a community of students and friends at the University of Bradford and has been one of the most visible Activity Groups this year.

Shortlisted: Bradford Student Cinema and Islamic Society


Most Improved Activity Group of the Year

Winner: Chemical Engineering Society

The executive team brought this society back from dormancy at the beginning of the academic year and have worked hard to improve it. They brought back the annual Frank Morton trip for all Chemical Engineering students but focused on providing more events for their members and also opened them up to other engineering courses at the university who did not have their own academic society. This society has been successful at bringing students together socially using multiple communication methods and have laid a strong foundation for the next year. They also worked well with the University Department, Alumni Team and external companies like Solenis to organise new events on networking, meeting lecturers and careers. 

Shortlisted: Baking Society and Pi Soc


New Activity Group of the Year

Winner: Ale, Beer and Cider Society

Even though ABCs only set up in January, the society has done exceptionally well to build a committed executive team and get 29 paid members with over 100 people engaging with their social media. Weekly pub crawls around the Bradford community have brought together local and ERAMUS students, with 50 people attending one of the events at North Parade. The society has also engaged with the local CAMRA committee, received offers of sponsorship from multiple businesses and attended the Bradford Beer Festival in Saltaire. In such a short time ABCs has become recognisable within UBU, especially with their scarves, and should be on track for success next year too.

Shortlisted: Pool Society and Pakistan Society


Campaign/Fundraising of the Year

Winner: Henna Society in aid of Salam Charity

On the 15th December, the Henna Society organised a workshop to raise funds for refugees using their passion for henna. This event took lots of planning in order to support the Salam Charity, engage with members of the public who came to the event, completing UBU forms for risk assessments and charity fundraising, organising food and sorting goody bags for attendees. Two bakers also donated desserts and baked goods to the event. Henna Society raised £600 from running this workshop which went towards delivering essentials in winter to refugees. The society also used the opportunity to promote their natural henna campaign.


Educational Event of the Year

Winner: Clinical Science Society for the Osteology and Bone Anatomy Workshop

To help prepare foundation year clinical science students for their bone anatomy spot test exam, the Clinical Science Society worked with university staff members to organise a workshop in the Richmond laboratory rooms on the 12th March. Students in higher years on the course also returned to help deliver the workshop. Both the academic staff and older students took time out of their schedule to relearn bone anatomy to help the foundation students and support the society for the workshop. This event successfully overcame issues with sourcing materials to do the workshop which resulted in better bone specimens for students to use and new PowerPoints to explain the exam questions. It gave students the chance to test their knowledge and work with their peers.

Shortlisted: Bradford Student Cinema for the 'To the Four Winds' screening and Q&A, and Islamic Society for 'The Messiah' event


Entertainment Event of the Year

Winner: Bollywood Dance for Bollywood Night

Bollywood Night took place in the Amp Bar on the 5th December following weeks of preparation by the Bollywood Dance Society. The society rehearsed to perfection and performed a dance production at the beginning of the event, provided biryani and samosas and had a DJ from the Punjabi Roots Academy. This event was free and expectations for numbers were smashed when over 100 people attended. The society was also able to fundraise for its private account from a donation bucket going around. The society managed to balance lots of tasks - performing a showcase, handing out food to engaging anyone who walked through the door. Their night of Bollywood and Bhangra deserves this award.

Shortlisted: BOOSA for the Eyeball and Islamic Society for the Fresher's Dinner


Collaborative Spirit

Winner: Bradford Student Cinema

This year saw the Bradford Student Cinema have 12 collaborative events - a record number for them! They worked with Peace Society, Law Society, Chemical Engineering Society, VGS, LGBT+ officer, UBU, University Bars and Leeds DEC to hold film based events. BSC took on booking the rooms, completing risk assessments and checking the film licencing, and also helped marketing the events and make them open to all. BSC also took part in RAG, Mental Health Awareness and Black History Month campaigns. They've also reached out into the local community, working with Pictureville cinema for 'No Fathers in Kashmir' event and Greggs to collect unsold food and provide it to students to reduce food waste.

Shortlisted: Baking Society and Henna Society


Community Impact

Winner: Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance Society have won this award two years in a row with their engagement in the local community. On the 11th December, the society performed at the Park House care home for elderly residents to entertain them in the lead up to Christmas and give back to the community. On the 9th March the society performed at Carlton Bolling School for an international women's day event in association with the international women's foundation. In order to get the performance right, the society did numerous rehearsals, and will also include a flashmob to get members of the public involved to create a feel good atmosphere.

Shortlisted: Pakistan Society


Executive Team of the Year

Winner: Baking Society

This exec team came together having not known either other before the exec elections and they first met in September. They overcame the challenges of online communication over summer to launch the society well and hold an election in October to bring in a third exec. The team became friends and have enjoyed spending many hours in the communal hall kitchen together, and trust each other to do their exec tasks and step up when someone can't be there. Everyone has put in the effort, being at baking sessions from set up, through the baking and all the tidying up afterwards. Taking on a society from a team who graduated last year has been a challenge but the Baking Society execs have shown that being supportive and sharing the workload leads to a successful activity group.

Shortlisted: Midwifery Society and Bollywood Dance


Executive of the Year

Winner: Ariane Leeven (Peace Society President)

Ariane started the year as the only executive for the Peace Society and worked hard over summer to launch it refreshed with new ideas for September. Her enthusiasm and hard work has never stopped, and she's been an inspirational leader for her executive team and all the Peace Society members. Her leadership has been special, she walks beside the whole team, always open to suggestions and communicates transparently with her fellow execs, members and UBU. Ariane has put so many hours into this society, working into the early hours and using her amazing networking and organising skills to bring about news events like the Peace to Go workshop and auction that raised £229 for charity. Her execs describe Ariane as 'the backbone of the Peace Society' and nominated her for this award because she is a role model, an inspiration, a truly caring person and fully deserves this award.

Shortlisted: Maryam Sani (Baking Society President) and Elina Kaha (Bradford Student Cinema President)


Community and Activities Officer Recognition Award

Winner: Pakistan Society

"For their hard work throughout the year, bringing back a dormant group and having a lot of engagement throughout the year." - Awais Ahmed, Community and Activities Officer 19/20


Activities Chair Recognition Award

Winner: Midwifery Society

"They have impressed me a lot this year, they are not just running an activity group but they are doing it while most members and executives are on and off placements. It is amazing to see the kind of dedication to a group while also juggling placements. Midwifery's presence this year on campus has been more than I have ever seen in my many years in Bradford. I am immensely proud of the group this year, and I hope the executive team will not lose their shine and keep doing the good work" - Elina Kaha, Activities Chair 19/20


Thank yous 

Thank you to the Activities Committee who worked so hard to organise the Activities Ball.

Thank you to both the Activities and Sports Committees who spent hours reading all the award nominations and sat together for an afternoon to decide on the shortlisting and winners.

Thank you to all the executives and members of our Activity Groups for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. These awards highlight some of the best student engagement at UBU and the University of Bradford but we know you do so much more.



All winners and shortlisted will receive a certificate from UBU. These will be emailed over and also available for posting or collection next term.

The engraved crystal awards for the winners will be available in the next academic year once our supplier and campus have reopened.


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